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Social Media Marketing

We create and manage your social media content to keep your customers engaged.

  • Social media content management
  • Scheduling tool

If you need social media marketing and content creation specialists, contact us at Octa Creatives on 0480 111 048 for a FREE QUOTE! We look forward to helping you grow.


What do you need to know about Social Media Marketing?


Our programs span from basic “Get in the Game” and optimization programs, to influencer engagement tactics, to more strategic business intelligence and product/service roadmap support.

Content & Creative

Beyond strategic guidance, we offer content creation for all areas of engagement, including websites, videos, paid media ads, blogs, email, social media, and thought leadership, among others formats.


When you work with Exalted, you work with a team of seasoned, social media management experts who will help your brand navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the social web.


More than 70% of customers have used social media for customer service issues. With 24/7 listening and monitoring tools in place, we guarantee that no comments and/or inquiries go unanswered.


Reach customers everywhere that matters.

No matter where they are, Social Media Marketing has the tools to make sure your customers stay connected and engaged with your business.

Put your business on the map.

We made it simple to create and manage business listings on Google Maps so you can get a lot more face-time with your customers.

Give your business a social life.

Some folks the Gram. Others really Facebook. But as a business, you can’t play favorites, so we’ve made it effortless to manage both from one single dashboard.

Get the message across.

Engage your customers and keep them up to date on how to stay connected to your business with email marketing campaigns.


Everything you need to be everywhere you want.

From social media marketing to business listings, our services have everything your business needs to keep customers informed and engaged.

Engage customers with social media marketing.

Creating and posting social media marketing content is one of the most impactful ways to keep your customers informed on all the happenings with your business. Our social media marketing service offers helpful stats to show you how many people open, read and share your content. You can even compare your post side-by-side to see which ones get the best response, helping you tailor future social media content to best resonate with your audience.

Build and keep a 5-star reputation.

Customer ratings and reviews can make or break a new business, but monitoring and responding to every comment is a full-time job. With Digital Marketing Suite, you can create and connect your Facebook listings all in one place. And when a new review is submitted, you not only get notified, you’re able to read and respond to it right from your dashboard, so you can maintain your stellar reputation without jumping from site to site.

Manage everything from one spot.

With a Digital Marketing Suite, everything you need is in one place. Optimize your site for Google, post your latest offer on Facebook or Instagram, respond to customer reviews, even create and send social media content — all without ever leaving your account.

Start your project now.

If you are looking for a website design that will give you a strategic advantage over your competition, contact us at Octa Creatives on 0480 111 048 for a FREE QUOTE! We look forward to making a website design that fits your brief.